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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Martin McGowan who was born in Pennsylvania on January 04, 1990 and passed away on February 09, 2005 at the age of 15. We will remember him forever.
Tributes and Condolences
Happy birthday buddy   / Adam Eckhart (Family friend )
Just wanted to say happy birthday old friend. I know you're celebrating up there, we all miss you down here. You'd be 26 today. The steelers are in the playoffs again which you already probably know. Hoping they win another one for you. Some days jus...  Continue >>
5 years gone but never forgotten   / Adam Eckhart (family friend )
It's been five years since you left us and there hasn't been a day that has gone by where i haven't thought about you. You were one of my bestfriends for a long time it hurt deep down when i got the news that you were gone. I wish i could of gotten t...  Continue >>
Reaching out from Albany, NY   / Sherry Stark
      I am a nurse in a Pediatric office and recently read the article about Martin in the newsletter "Needle Tips". I am so sorry to hear of your pain/suffering  and loss. I too am a mom of a now 17 year old s...  Continue >>
Your loss   / Tracy Smith-Cudnik (None)
I am a Mother of a 15 yr old boy who is sick right now and I will watch him closer for sure but I do not agree with flu shots for the majority of people exspecially at this age.  Our bodies have their own defense against illness and we only weak...  Continue >>
God Bless this Boy and his family   / Elizabeth Omps (none-just read about him today! )
I broke down when I read this tragic story this evening. Martin looks just like my son, Tim now 13. The flu is a killer as this story proves. I pray that this family keeps the strength to endure. Their boy looks like such a sweet and wonderful, r...  Continue >>
REading your story has really touched me.  / Diane Elder (none)    Read >>
If Tears Could Build a Stairway  / Jacque (Cousin)    Read >>
Live Like You like your dying  / Morgann Stocks (cousin)    Read >>
Family Chain  / Tabitha Stocks (COUSIN)    Read >>
Poem / Nadean McGowan (sis)    Read >>
memories / Krista Dietterick (friend of family )    Read >>
Condolences / Cathy Cameron     Read >>
Prayers for you  / Michele Kennedy (friend of mother )    Read >>
Celebration of Life  / Anonymous     Read >>
Angels walk among us  / Karen Kutz (Aunt)    Read >>
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His legacy
Martin's Life  

Living just a short life, Martin lived his life to the fullest.  From when he was little, till his death, he always new how to make people laugh.  He was famouse for the funny faces that he would make and always cracking funny jokes.  You would always find people around him just to laugh and have a great time.  He just knew the best way to get you in a better mood when you were having a bad day.   When he wasn't keeping people occupied with laughter, you could find him on the baseball field (or basketball court).  He had a great love for baseball which was upon him growing up.  With a father who loved the NY Mets, it was hard to not love baseball.  Martin never missed a year of baseball.  He always pushed himself to make any team which lead him to join the basketball team during the off season just to stay in shape.  Martin is always around even though his body is not here.  He always finds little ways for people to remember him and just to say hi.  He knows that he is missed dearly by everyone and loves everyone of us.  He touched many and still touches everyone.  We love you Martin James!!

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